English 102

Hello, my name is Brycen Palmer. I grew up here in Phoenix AZ in 95′ and realized my passion for computers in the freshman year of high-school. My major here at The University of Advancing Technology is Network Security. Writing has never been a strong suit for me. ive always had Sub-Par writing abilities, as well as loving to throw commas everywhere. Every year on the standardized tests, I would excel in math and science and English, but always barely met writing. I enjoy to read, as i find enjoyment in learning about different worlds and the way people imagine a better world. In my blog, I normally write about Magic: The Gathering, my family, or even my general life (normally rants about society).

English has taught me way more than I expected, and its a great relief to know that there are others who struggle with the same ideas and concepts like I do. One great experience and probably my favorite presentation was about the “not necessarily the news” in week nine, as I love the lecture about storytelling and misconceptions. Storytelling is not just about reiterating a story you’ve encountered, but re-living the enjoyment. The stories should take the listeners on a trip, and help them imagine the feeling you felt when you first heard it. Without stories, how could we possibly have enjoyment? Stories are the thoughts and ideas of an individual, or a group of individuals, that usually have a meaning or purpose, that spark up debate and even give others an idea for a concept.

English 102 is  not the end, but nearly the beginning, as we start to find our ways through society, and find a meaning in this story driven world.


Organic foods may not be worth the expense.

Walking through the grocery store, people may notice the giant ORGANIC sign above a selection of fresh looking produce. When some people pass by, they notice the marked up prices, and continue walking by. Organic food is a new trend that is becoming more prevalent within the food industry. People may believe this food is better for your health because it uses less pesticides to maintain the food. With the raised prices of Organic foods within supermarkets, the food has little differences compared to their non-organic counterparts.

English 102 (7)

The pesticide levels of these Organic foods bare little differences to Non-Organic foods. While the milk and meat have no comparable differences, the Organic produce far less pesticide residue than Non-Organic Produce, although the pesticide use has not been linked to any type of illness, and has not been proven to have negative side effects. These Organic foods have no nutritional difference to their Non-Organic counter-parts. While Non-Organic produce are treated with a fresh coat of wax for curb appeal, Organic foods are left to naturally rot away, Making the food spoil quicker and not look appealing. Organic food has little differences with Non-Organic foods, making the inflated prices not worth their value.

K-On! Analysis

K-On is an anime made in 2009 and was later turned into a manga series. Although K-On! was made a few years ago, it has some similarities with today’s culture.

Characters of K-On!

Characters of K-On!

These characters of the show have very lifelike characteristics that make each one unique. Starting from the left, there is Azusa. Azusa is the one who looks up to others, always wanting to become more mature and becoming a better guitarist for the band. She is usually more serious about playing music than the others, as the others like to drink tea and gossip during practice.


Now we have the protagonist of the series. Her name is Yui. She is an upbeat and bubbly girl. She is always found doing things she shouldn’t be doing, often distracted by cute and adorable things. She also is not the brightest. Her grades are average at best, and often gets side tracked from studying to do something more fun, which leads to bad test scores through out the show. Before the club, she was often found at home sleeping and being lazy. She needs food constantly or she wears out to easily, and will become lazy.


Tsumugi (often referred to as Mugi) is a wealthy and sweet girl. She always is generous by letting the band use her riches for them. She often brings the group food and tea, and is often left to pay for whatever the band wants. She is quiet and whimsical, almost never taking sides within heated debates and can sometimes be caught daydreaming about others.


Next there is Ritsu. She is the self proclaimed president of the Light Music Club. She has a bit of an ambiguous attitude yet upbeat personality, but often finds herself forgetting important club events and paperwork. She is often the sarcastic one in the group, making comments and remarks about playstyles and events within the band.


Lastly we have Mio. Mio is the shy one within the group, often hating the spotlight. She gets good grades and is strict and mature, especially around Ritsu. Although she seems tough, throught the anime, the creators show Mio being afraid of multiple things, such as barnacles, the dark, ghosts, and being left alone. She is the glue to the group, and without her, the group would easily fall apart.


Now through out the show, the emotions are high and genuine. At times, I would find myself tearing up within the debates. The realism within this anime is a little lackluster. People cannot just learn to play the guitar greatly within a couple of months, and when a year passes, the characters barely know the basics. The club only needed 4 people to become official, yet from my knowledge, they are usually required to be bigger than that, especially when turning paperwork in late. Now there are not any crazy physics or sexualized women in this anime, which is usually found within shows like this, which makes viewers believe that this is not a stereotypical anime. This is considered one of the better animes released, and with good reason.



Botox Surgery. It’s an issue in Hollywood with all the celebrities having it done and always looking young. Despite the fact that it makes you look and maybe feel younger, it has been proven to cause some damaging effects. In the long run, It can cause you skin to look saggy and cause some skin diseases. That is why when a Botox Advertisement comes up, the makers try to ignore the side effects.

In the ad about Botox Cosmetic, there is what to be seen as a younger woman. She looks fit and healthy, and says she is “Real” and “free”. In the middle of when she is saying this, it shows her outside with what seems to be her son, them hand in hand, playing around. It than cuts to a scene with her sitting by a piano, telling you to talk to your doctor before this surgery, than quickly snaps to a shot of her doing her yoga. Soon after she is met with a dog who lovingly licks her face. These scenes are used to show the user that Botox is wonderful, and will allow you to be “real” and “free”.

Throughout this ad, no man is seen. It seems to show her being a grown, independent women, with a kid and dog, living in a above average house. The music is Express Yourself, By N.W.A, but oddly isn’t sung by them. It is their lyrics in a female voice, sounding upbeat and cheery, instead of the normal hip-hop and rap. Breaking these lyrics are the name of the cosmetics.

The ad never states what the service is. Is it a pill or a surgery? How much will this cost the consumer? What are the side effects? Who is this woman, and how should I (the consumer) trust what she is saying? Its FDA certified, but what does that mean? The ad in itself does not give the viewer much detail on what the actual product is, other than a name and a woman talking about it. Any questions the viewer might have has to be answered by a doctor, but it’s obviously worth it.

All these lead people to believe that Botox is a good thing and that women should see their doctors right away, despite the risk of injury. No notice of side effects were in this ad, and that should scare the viewers. Beyond what this ad tells the consumer, people hear about Botox all the time in Hollywood, so the ad is just meant for support and sales. This ad, if anything, brings the attention of people wanting to be dependent on looks to be happy.


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Shopping in a Nerd Ruled Kingdom

Desert Sky Games is a Local Trading Card Game Store down in Mesa, AZ. They cater to the geek community who like to play any type of fantasy RPG, Board Game, or Card Game. The way the store is laid out is unlike any local store I have seen and because of that, They are successful in manipulating their customers.


When You first walk into the store, all of the popular product is to the left. Drinks, Sleeves, A few arcade games, comics, and table to play these games. To get to the MTG Packs or DnD expansions or any true card singles, you have to meet up with the cash register, which is the whole left side of the store. Here you find the more expensive products, as well as new releases and Exclusive Items. The Discounted or slow moving items are directly in front of the store. This aligns with Underhills’ theory that “This is why in a well-designed airport travelers drifting toward their gate will always find the fast-food restaurants on their left and the gift shops on their right: people will readily cross a lane of pedestrian traffic to satisfy their hunger but rarely to make an impulse buy of a T-shirt or a magazine.”(The Science of Shopping)

The miscellaneous Items are nowhere to be found, unless you head back to the store. The store likes to keep up with current trends, just like the game Munchkin, Magic: The Gathering, and DnD. The store places older trends, such as YUGIOH or Pokemon to the back of the store, where they don’t need to take up so much space. Same goes for the comics. The newer Comics are placed toward the front of the store near the store while the older ones are located to the lower Back of the racks. “a sophisticated attempt to predict the kinds of products that people will buy”(The Science)


Now the downside of the store is that it only caters to the male geek community. No pink sparkly chapstik or hair products will be found in this store. Same goes for apparel. This is a hobby store where it smells like sweat and despiration, that if I didn’t need some of their items, I would never want to go in. It is run down inside, but being the only decent card store in all of the phoenix area, they can get away with it. This Finally parallels with William Whyte, in the fact that “He concluded that all the things used by designers to attempt to lure people into their spaces made little or no difference. It wasn’t the size of the space, or its beauty, or the presence of waterfalls, or the amount of sun, or whether a park was a narrow strip along the sidewalk or a pleasing open space. What mattered, overwhelmingly, was that there were plenty of places to sit, that the space was in some way connected to the street, and-the mystical circularity-that it was already well frequented. “What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people,””(The Science)


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Hacktivism: The Demise of Society as We Know It?

We stand for freedom. We stand for freedom of speech. The power of the people. The ability of them to protest against their government. To right wrongs. No censorship, especially online, but also in real life” (We 2012). Hackers have the abilities to express themselves online, whether through exposure and introducing vulnerabilities or introducing viruses. As a society living in the modern ages, most of the population has probably experienced some type of computer virus. With electronics becoming more common, hackers will become more prevalent in numbers, impacting our security and even our freedoms.


Some people act differently online than they do in everyday life. They present an alter ego that allows them to be less disinhibited.“The online disinhibition effect is the loosening or complete abandonment of social restrictions during interactions with others on the Internet that would otherwise be present in normal face-to-face interaction,” (Why 2014).

Online, we can be ourselves, express only what we want about ourselves, pretend to be someone else, or remain anonymous. It’s the lack of face-to-face cues that “has a curious impact on how people present their identity in cyberspace,” (Suler par.4).

This affects society everyday, and people might not realize the true person behind the persona. the person they trusted online could be a hacker waiting to wreak havoc on their lives.

Black Hat is an informal name for the hackers that are commonly in the news. “A black hat hacker is an individual with extensive computer knowledge whose purpose is to breach or bypass internet security”(Security). Hackers have been around since the 1950’s when telecommunications were first introduced. Since then, hackers have been doing more harm than good. These are the people taking our private information and making it public. Black Hat Hackers are evolving faster than we can resolve the viruses they produce. These hackers have the power to change our perceptions or opinions about people and to show the inner workings of our government. Too much power equals corruption. While Black Hats are more frequently in the news and online, the White Hats are hackers that think they are doing a good deed.


White Hats talk about being good to society. But how? Hacking is illegal and even if they have a reason to hack, does not mean they should. “A “good” use of hacking skills is finding and fixing security vulnerabilities in websites, company networks, and digital systems” (Hacking). If these White Hats can use their talents to find vulnerabilities, then what stops them from using their talents for wrong doing? One wrong move and the White Hat turns into a Black Hat, corrupting things they touch. They know vulnerabilities of websites and networks, meaning they have the potential to grab private information off systems. Although they proclaim themselves as being “ethical hackers”, White Hats are just as liable to society as Black Hats.

Hackers, whether they are justified or not, will have a major impact on society. “More recently, it was revealed that Edward Snowden, who has stated that his hacking of the National Security Agency systems was motivated by a moral obligation, had taken an ethical hacking course” (Hacking). Edward Snowden worked inside our government, passing all safety and security tests, yet somehow is one of the most wanted computer hackers in the United States. The government believed that he was a White Hat and that he was doing ethical hacking, yet he leaked top secret information to the world. This even impacted not only the citizens of the United States, but the United States as a country. Snowden stated in a recent interview “I’m willing to sacrifice [my former life] because I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building,”(Edward)

Edward Snowden Gives First Interview In Russia

Every day in the news we hear things such as “is freedom really free” or “our rights have been “violated”, but what about our safety online, the alter-ego of our everyday selves. “The term “ethical hacker” has received criticism at times from people who say that there is no such thing as an “ethical” hacker” (What). No matter if you are hacking for good or bad, hacking is hacking, and even if you have the knowledge, does not mean you have the power. Although some may hack for a good cause, hacking as a concept is unethical and is considered illegal. Hacking can cause major harm to society as well as individuals, keeping identities and personal information a critical target.


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It Came From English101

The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself.” English 101 is more then just Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, or even my favorite author,  James Patterson. Its about looking between the words, and reflecting on the authors thoughts and feelings. The course is not only a necessity for college, but should also be a necessity for life. I’ve learned to analyze deeper meanings of literature, and apply them to my own opinions.


At first, I thought raft was a something you would float down the Colorado River with, until my Professor explained it had a different meaning. R.A.F.T. explains the meaning of an article, and how to analyze to see if the paper you’re writing is worth writing about. The R stands for role. Who are you? Why does your opinion matter? The A stands for audience. Who are you writing to? Why should they care? F is for format. What type of paper are you writing? Should you be formal or be casual? Finally, T stands for topic. Are you truly interested in what your writing, or are you writing it just because? This not only helps within writing, but also helps you make a point or state an argument.


To pass English101, I needed to know how to find credible sources. Making sure the articles I read aren’t biased, and if they are, making sure the author has valid points and resources. This also applies to my daily life. I need to differentiate between a credible source from a non-credible source before I make an educated opinion. If the person is making a statement that seems too good to be true, I need apply what I know and accumulate some more information about the topic before I let that person sway my opinion. Without knowing how to find credible sources, some of my views on events might still be based on false facts and opinions.

The class cannot be passed without friends. Spending long nights doing assignments due the next day is what English101 is about. Getting different opinions and collaborating in making educated predictions within a paper, or even to just proofread your essays, friends will always be there to help. I cannot get around life without friends or I am doomed for failure. Everyday I use the R.A.F.T. concept to help me throughout the day at school and at my job.

My personal time in English101 was tough, as I did not have some of these concepts down. I came into the class thinking I would just be reading books and answering questions. I was wrong. I had not known that I needed to know R.A.F.T or that I needed friends to proofread my assignments. These concepts not only apply to my English101 class, but also in my personal life and my career as a whole. My overall experience in English101 was difficult but well worth the effort.



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The room

No, i am not talking about the horrible tommy wiseau movie.

Im talking about this one.

This room is Magnificant. ITS ALL ABOUT STEAM PUNK. This room shows creativity.  Based off the size of this room, and the lounge chairs, and scroll down screen, this guy has money. Noticing all the small details, im guessing the if he made this, he is very talented. Now i agree with Kohn about “our possesions give us a sense of security and stability. Without My magic cards, i would not know how to handle stress, making me feel uncomfortable and insucure, almost like losing your identity. Magic is how i make friends. Its my hobby. Without it, who would i be?